Bill Evans Documentary Interview

About a month before I recorded my tribute to Scott LaFaro (RE:Person I Knew) with the late Don Friedman and Bill Evans alumnus Eliot Zigmund, I got a call. Don told me that a film maker named Bruce Spiegel contacted him about an interview for a Bill Evans documentary he was putting together. When Bruce heard that we were about to go into the studio together to record a tribute to Scott LaFaro, along with Scott’s Prescott bass that he used on some many recordings, he asked if I would be interested in talking a little about LaFaro for the documentary.

Bruce swung by Bennett Studio on our second day of recording for the interviews, basically hitting three birds with one stone: Eliot, of course, was a part of the Bill Evans trio, and I have my in-depth knowledge of LaFaro and how he fit into the trio musically. Don, however, had a very unique claim to fame. I don’t think this is in the film, but Don told me a story about a night he got a call from LaFaro, who asked him to run down immediately to some jazz club (in Manhattan) where the Bill Evans trio was headlining. Apparently the cops picked Evans up for something and he couldn’t make the gig that night– and that’s how Don Friedman played with the Bill Evans trio! Don, of course, was also Scott’s roommate and good friend, which he elaborates on in the film.

The documentary is very thorough and well put together with tons of great interviews. I think my favorite segment is Paul Motian, who speaks at length about that trio. From what I understand, it was difficult to get Paul to talk about that trio or anything else from the past. He was always looking to the future, so this interview is a rare treat.

I highly recommend renting this documentary! You won’t be disappointed.

VINYL HAS ARRIVED – Detroit Lean Limited Edition LPs!

Get’em while there cooling down! I’ve pressed only 300 audiophile 180g Lps, all of which are signed and numbered.

The recording LP was tracked at the Club House on a beautiful vintage Neve desk by engineer George Petit, mastered by the great Oscar Zambrano at Zampol productions, cut by the legendary Scott Hull at Masterdisk, and pressed in my birth state of Ohio by Gotta Groove records.

I spared no expense for this limited edition pressing, right down to the 180g double LP and thick, full color, glossy gatefold jacket reminiscent of the old Impulse! recordings. Watch the video to learn more!



Detroit Lean

A New Release by Bassist Phil Palombi!

Order, Download, Digital Liner Notes, Press Release and More!


Detroit Lean CoverWith my previous recordings, actually with most of my writing, I was always trying to write music that fit into a specific style or band,” says Palombi. “With Detroit Lean, I just wrote music stream-of-consciousness style— whatever popped into my mind. As a result, I think that I unconsciously channeled a wide range of influences and sounds that have been bouncing around in my head over my musical life. I didn’t really care what anyone wanted to hear or about trying to fit a genre. I wanted to see what was inside of me.
– Phil Palombi, April 2016 READ MORE

(718) Back at the Bocht!

(718) is returning to An Beal Bocht in the Bronx on February 22nd!

A must see gig in February!

A must see gig in February!

Consisting pianist Matthew Fries, drummer Eric Halvorson, and myself on an old Fender Precision bass, we will explore a genre of music that we’ve decided to label as “Alternative Groove”. You can visit our website at and check out our YouTube videos.

An Beal Bocht – 9pm, no cover
February 22nd
455 W.238th st
Bronx, NY  10463
(718) 884-7127

Coming Soon– Plugged and Unplugged!

If you are going to be in the NYC area in December and/or January, I have a few great gigs to tell you about!

Firstly, on Friday December 28th and again on January 19th you can hear a great new project I’m involved with– (718). Consisting pianist Matthew Fries, drummer Eric Halvorson, and myself on an old Fender Precision bass, we will explore a genre of music that we’ve decided to label as “Alternative Groove”. You can visit our website at and check out our YouTube videos.


On January 3rd Tri-Fi (Matthew Fries again, this time on piano, Keith Hall – drums) will be back in NYC at the Kitano in midtown Manhattan! Don’t miss this opportunity to hear this jazz piano trio in action. With no new album to promote, we’ll be playing all the hits from our four current releases in circulation. Oh, and before I forget, here’s a spoiler alert. We’ve just booked a studio in May to record our fifth CD! Stay tuned for more information.


An Beal Bocht – 9pm, no cover
December 28th and January 19th
455 W.238th st
Bronx, NY  10463
(718) 884-7127


The Kitano – sets at 8pm & 10pm – $10 cover, $15 min
January 3rd
66 Park Ave (at E.38th st)
Manhattan, NY  10016