Skype Lessons

Study with Phil from the comfort of your own home!

Thanks to the miracle of computers and high speed internet, I can now teach anyone in the world!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the road over the years, and I’ve met a lot of great bass players of all levels. One of the things I love to do most while I’m traveling is teach. It gives me an opportunity to spread the wealth of information that I’ve been lucky to accumulate over the years.

What ever your level, I have something for you! If you’re just starting out on the bass, I can certainly relate to that. I remember what it was like to pick up the instrument for the first time, and I can show you all of the little things that I learned that helped me through the early years- intonation exercises, etudes, recommended listening, etc…

If you have been playing for a few years already, I can show you the way to the next level– everything from tricks to learning new tunes, how to practice your time and feel (VERY important), and how to play interesting solos with the tools you have.

Maybe you’re already playing seven nights a week, but you’re starting to get that frustrating feeling like you’ve hit a wall with your playing. Personally, I feel like I hit a wall every two months or so! It never goes away, but thats a good thing. When you hit a wall, that simply means that your ears (i.e. musicality) has grown and no longer accepts your current level of expression. With a little help and observation, I can help you get over the hump.

What Do I Need?

You probably have everything you need already– a computer with a webcam and a high speed internet connection. Oh, and an instrument!

The most important thing about teaching though Skype is that I can see you play. I know that the sound isn’t going to be 100%, but that’s okay. What’s important is that I can see your technique and hear your ideas and you can see and hear me in real time. The sound quality is remarkable good, actually.

Rates and Payment

I charge $75 for a one hour lesson, which is more than enough time to give you enough information to keep you busy for a month. The easiest thing is just to send me the money though PayPal, however, I can also accept a money order.

If you are interested, simple contact me using the form below and we will work out the details!

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